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A highly reader friendly manual for physicians, OT’s, physiotherapists, nurses, physical therapists and anyone involved in orthopedics. Extremely well–illustrated, written in note form. The topics cover anatomy, casting, fractures and traction.This book is meant to satisfy a variety of needs for all people involved directly or indirectly with the medical practice of orthopaedics.For those who are studying to pass examinations in the subject of orthopaedics or technician, this book can be looked upon as a learning adjunct resource. You will have the curriculum guidelines for your course, recommended text books, and will have attended many practical sessions as well as have other written material from manufacturers, journals and seminar notes.Modern Orthpaedics, however, can be looked upon as a great “leveler”, containing as it does the basic facts and illustrations, presented in an accessible, inexpensive, forthright and friendly manner.Medical text books can be expensive, voluminous and sometimes a little overwhelming; Modern Orthopaedics is just the opposite. A practical, easy to most importantly, a fresh, illuminating visual depiction of the healthy and also demised anatomy. All the illustrations are hand drawn in a way that depicts the essence of the anatomical structure. They show you the critical aspects of diagnosis, understanding and treatment action.Mediscript’s “Professional Reference Guides” are unique and convenient publications that enable the professional or layperson to find out basic information rapidly. The information may be a red flag for further research and subsequent action or the information can provide peace of mind for a potentially important query you may have. Like all Mediscript publications, these offerings provide low cost, easy to use and innovative approach to providing critically needed information. About the publisher: Mediscript Communications was founded in 1996 by a management team of marketing executives, writers, nurse educators, psychologists and distribution companies to provide a unique and effective style of publications, empowering readers and patients, through interaction, personalization and subsequent relevance. For more information, visit Find us on Facebook

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A Practical Illustrated Guide To Modern Orthopaedics Paginas Epub Gratis

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