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Widget is a Frixian who returned to this planet many year after her people abandoned children. They used to protect them, inhabiting soft toys to watch over their young charges, so that they were kept safe from the wicked Goblians.Life changed for everyone. Computer games took over and that favoured soft toy became consigned to the toybox where its Frixian inhabitant could do nothing to protect their child. The child was then totally at the mercy of the Goblians and their hatred, jealousy and tempestuous attitude which would influence the child. Magic slipped from the world as the love of the Frixians and their wisdom was lost.Then by chance Widget came back to Earth in a time, space and dimension travelling space craft, the TAVERN. It ran out of power in a remote area in Mid Wales and there she remained until she and the other crew were awoken from the cryogenic unit when the house's owner reinstated the TAVERN to its former glory.Much was gone, forgotten and the memories merely a whisper in children's minds and in the minds of their parents. The Weaver of Dreams who gave good dreams was but a memory. The Toymaker who made the toys that became the hosts was long gone as there was no need for the toys he made any more. The key to the gateway to the Frixian world was also lost, leaving the Goblians free run of the world.Goblians bring spite, they bring hate, they bring fear, they bring all the bad thoughts that turn one person against another. They value greed, envy, pride, pretentiousness and the need for one person to feel better than another. The children they influenced grew up to value all these things.Widget won't let this go on. She has no physical body but like all other Frixians she can inhabit a body that has been made for her. In her case a puppet which has been adapted. That creativity brought her into being and now with her human and goat friends and her sister Gadget she is determined to save the children from the Goblians and help them to be loving and happy, secure children again.This is the story of her adventures....

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Attacked by the dreaded Witch-servants while sailing to her finishing school, Maira finds herself stranded far from home. Unused to doing things herself (she is a Sovereign...

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