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With the advent of assisted reproduction, the frequency of multiple births has grown dramatically. Though once rare, triplet births are now seen surprisingly often. Whereas twins have been the object of much important study, virtually nothing has been published focusing solely on triplets, until now.Triplet Pregnancies and their Consequences is unique: it is the first systematic, scientific review of the study of triplets. Covering the range of issues and complications possible in triplet pregnancies, the book includes ten distinct sections devoted to prenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal aspects of these pregnancies. It contains an analysis of a unique database of more than 3000 triplet pregnancies provided by Matria Healthcare of Marietta, Georgia. This is the first time there have been sufficient numbers of triplets in a data set to truly understand some of the unique biological circumstances associated with triplets. Topics include:Epidemiology and biology - including unique matched analyses of the entire French IVF registryPrenatal diagnosis with special attention to chorionicityAntepartum considerations with broad perspectives on treatment of preterm laborDelivery considerationsThe Matria Analysis - the largest triplet database in the worldShort-term outcomes with special attention to low birth weightLong-term outcomes focusing on cerebral palsy and school performanceTriplet Pregnancies and their Consequences is the first of its kind, a true landmark text. It will be indispensable to all healthcare providers dealing with the worldwide "epidemic" of iatrogenic triplets.

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